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"诚信、严谨、高效” 是路易出国的经营理念。







"One of the greatest support an immigrant can have is a strong and supportive immigration consultant/lawyer. That I found in Lewis. I have known Lewis since I was an international student here at Toronto almost 15 years ago. He assisted me at that time with my Canadian Permanent Residency application and the application was a success. In addition to that, Lewis also helped me with my application for sponsoring my spouse who is a foreign national to live permanently here in Canada. Happy to mention this was a success too. Lewis is also currently assisting me with my parents' application to immigrate here and live with me in Canada. From when I was a student to now a married man with a family of my own. My journey as an immigrant to Canada was definitely made easy with proper guidance by Lewis.

Lewis is someone who is very professional, possesses numerous credentials and has extensive knowledge in the immigration law practice. He is a licensed Immigration Consultant, a Commissioner etc. He may be an immigration consultant/lawyer professionally but as a person he is very genuine and approachable. He treats every individual client with utmost respect and importance and puts in full effort and attention to every single application and case on his hand. He has also got great patience and is good in listening to a client's concerns.

Having said all of the above, I see nothing brings Lewis more joy and pride than seeing success for his clients. Lewis being an immigrant himself, he truly feels for his clients, works hard for his clients and wish well for his clients and their families.

I have referred numerous family members and friends to Lewis and it is with pride and pleasure I hear nothing but good things about him."  —— Joseph and Melissa L.  (From India, Senior Analyst at RBC Head Office Toronto May, 2018)

"Lewis is an awesome immigration consultant/lawyer who guided both my parents and myself obtaining the permanent residency in Canada. You will have the peace of mind of dealing with him, his attention to details, quick and informative response addresses to your concerns will make the whole application process smoothly without any hitches. Lewis is very knowledgeable in his field, professional and patient with clients. I'm really satisfied with my parents' case and I highly recommend Lewis's services."  —— Joanna J.  (From China, Coordinator at University of Toronto Principal's Office)

"Lewis非常热心,做事又认真细心。所有文件在准备期他都细心归类,反复核查。递交后每次case一有更新,他都第一时间告诉我近况,最终我半年里拿下了我的PR(注:当时该类移民申请处理速度为1.5~2年)。很感谢Lewis的帮助"  —— Dora Y.  (From China, Economist at Canada Revenue Agency Head Office, Ottawa)

"Thank you, Lewis. You saved me and my family, we are enjoying our new life in Canada. No war, no injury, no hunger, no fears. Love peace. Thanks again "  —— Adegboyega D. O.  (From Nigeria, Currently living in Toronto, Canada)




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